Sorry for your loss; I quit

Probably the Marketing Team when they realized they just lost a capable employee 😄

Note that nothing in this is career advice. I mean, yeah, you know the drill, don't just follow the example of random people on the internet. But I'd be happy if this encourages those on edge already. 😸

When I started working for Minima, I had in mind that I should at least stick around for one year. Mainly because I've not been at any company (without interruption) for a year, I thought maybe that was a significant milestone. Recruiters probably be out there thinking, "What a job hopper."

I see you, but I can handle it.

Those recruiters probably haven't heard of how fast things move in crypto. And they maybe also haven't had a lousy hand picking where they work.

Even though you can do your due diligence, sometimes, getting a feel for the people you work with and an idea of how close they are to executing their mission takes some time.

My reasons for leaving were many, but all of them come back to my general principle that I like to earn and learn.

Sure, you can argue, but you can always learn in your own time, and yes, I did. I learned HTML/CSS while working at Minima, but not because there would've been anyone to encourage it just because I wanted to. I also figured out how to create a Discord bot using autocode, put my NFT's heads on memes and gifs using photoshop, and many other fun things.

I actually won an NFT for this entry.

But what I was looking for was more guidance in bigger picture marketing. I've been on a one-woman marketing team, which has brought me far. I thought I needed someone to take me under their wings and show me how to do it all from a strategy perspective.

After more than eight months, I realized it wouldn't ever happen. Ironically, a team meeting (physical, irl) cemented what was just a thought until then: I should leave. My gut feeling hit me hard that day; I had never felt so wrong in a context.

The Monday after, I handed in my notice. The following month was awkward AF, as I wasn't to tell anyone I was leaving. But at the same time, how are you supposed to hand over things? I also read the termination schedule for the first time, which included removing all connections to employees of my level and above from all of my social media networks. 😆Next time, I should check those things before signing.

So what gave me the confidence to just say I quit?

It might be a bear market for crypto, but not for people who write eloquently. I knew I was going to be okay. In fact, I already had a bunch of people asking me to become their writer.

And I had something even more exciting lined up.

Working with my fren from crypto twitter ✨

Is it crazy to work with someone I've never met in person? Maybe.

Is it even crazier to be building an entirely new venture from scratch with people I’ve never met? Maybe.

This is a new industry. Does it matter if you know someone's full background and have them KYC'd to work with them? I don't think so.

Even people with a massive LinkedIn following and raving reviews can be just frauds irl. So what's the difference? I’d lie if I said that I never met a C-level executive that I found to be very incompetent.

It'd be crazier to stay stuck in a job where I don't get to develop in the ways I want and have to deal with other people's decisions all day long.

I always knew I wasn't made for a typical corporate environment. So, by now, I am ready to embrace uncertainty. And why not do that with someone I knew was a great person?

“if you don’t take risks, you can’t create a future.”

— Luffy, One Piece

Will the crypto markets enter a prolonged winter? Uncertain.

Will we get the adoption we wish for? Uncertain.

But what is certain is that we're building a fantastic platform, and even in the few days I've been dedicated to it full time, it's been a helluva lot of fun, and I often forget the time as I’m putting together docs, copy, and research.

I’m the only non-dev in the team, so I can’t directly contribute to code outside of ideas, but even I get a great sense of the progress we’re making. And the speed at which we do, it is quite amazing, tbh.

This again motivates me to get my Docs in a row 🦆 and make sure that once we have our deck and MVP ready, we will get in front of the right people. And, of course, to polish my pitching skills.

So, watch out for us. Website coming soon. The future is near.

This isn’t meant to bash my previous employer. It was a mismatch ultimately. I’m grateful they let me handle a lot of community-related work, and I got to practice my moderating skills with every community call. Also, I got to dig into a lot of what’s wrong with the industry, which I thoroughly enjoyed. If anyone from the team is reading this (even though I removed them as connections), good luck 🍀

But then again, I’m also having a hard time hiding my excitement at how things have turned out. If you also think the attention economy is broken and that AdSense sucks, I’d love to hear from you.

So long,

to embracing uncertainty 🍷


P.S. Oh, and if you want to deliver the quitting message to an employer using a playlist, I got you covered.



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