What you need to know about the native blockchain

While we all love to see a good bull run, it came with high transaction fees the last time it happened. When everyone was suddenly buying NFTs and memecoins on PancakeSwap, the only way the Ethereum blockchain could cope was by prioritizing transactions and adjusting gas cost (fees on Ethereum). In August, if things go according to plan, Ethereum will conduct its latest upgrade to tackle scalability issues; however, if one believes the odds on Polymarket more likely, that will be delayed again.

The core developers attempt to address the Blockchain trilemma of decentralization, scalability, and security by introducing upgrades.

How the problem of a few hypothetical generals turned into an important concept

Once you start reading about Blockchain and maybe even venture on to digesting a few Whitepapers of promising blockchain protocols, the chances are that sooner or later, you will stumble across the Acronym “BFT”, Byzantine Fault Tolerance.

You might think, great, yet another technical term I don’t understand. Or maybe you’re already knowledgeable about all things DLT (distributed ledger technology) and BFT. If the latter is the case, you might want to skip this one or read on to check for correctness. 😉

Byzantine Fault Tolerance is one fundamental property when it comes to creating a reliable distributed ledger. Most…

How Lightning network improves Bitcoin scalability

If you’re anything like me, you’ve never used your Bitcoin to pay for real-life purchases. Up to today, the only thing I’ve settled with BTC are transaction fees to get my BTC from my exchange account into my wallet and vice versa. Maybe you’ve already bought stuff with BTC; if yes, I’d be intrigued to know what.

Anyone transacting with Bitcoin for the first time will soon realize that it takes a few minutes, if not longer, for your transaction to be confirmed. What’s “worse” for small amounts the Bitcoin transaction fee is pretty high. Currently, to get your transaction…

Wondering what the team of Piratechain’s been up to in the last few months? So did we, so we got some answers from them. But first, I’d like to give a bit of an intro to why privacy currencies are maybe even more important than ever — considering how much of our lives have moved online over the last year.

Online Tracking

Cookies sound cute and can be a dream for marketers but a nightmare for consumers. Did you know that Google tracks you on 75% of the top million websites, which means that there will be some tracker on…

When I was a kid, Tamagotchis were a thing. Every kid had one of those little beeping devices in their pocket and tried to keep their virtual pets alive and sometimes even grow a virtual pet family.

Random fact: Tamagotchi (たまごっち)literally means egg watch, which makes a lot of sense considering you watch over your egg.

Fast forward to 2021, we’ve seen the massive explosion of NFTs and DeFi growing to capture the attention of world-famous investors like Mark Cuban. One of the leading DeFi protocols in the category of lending and borrowing is the Aave protocol. …

If you’re a trader like me, then you have an incredible talent to buy assets before a major dip or sell them long before they reach their all-time highs. And whenever we find ourselves in another crash, next to reading tweets recommending to buy the f*cking dip, you might find others that use the acronym DCA to give their famous, not financial advice.

Why’s that, and what’s DCA anyway?

DCA is an acronym for Dollar Cost Averaging and describes a way of investing. …

Markets are bleeding today, with Ethereum below $2000 for the first time since May 23rd. Of course, that's just one month, but it feels like a very long time in crypto, so some traders might understandably be interested in cutting some of their losses and trading their assets in for stablecoins. Or maybe, they’ve already done so and are now looking for a venue to swap between different stablecoins efficiently.

On Ethereum, Curve Finance is the go-to address for decentralized stablecoin trading. Launched in 2018 by the Russian physicist Michael Egorov the protocol has since secured its spot among the…

How Decentraland combines NFTs and Gaming

NFTs hit the mainstream this year, and our childhood celebrities like Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan are all-in on them, even selling their tweets or pictures as non-fungible tokens.

The trend might have been aided by the fact that most people in the developed world were forcibly spending a lot more time at home and online than usual. It gave rise to a new profession: Tik-Toker, as citizens were seeking distraction from their lives. The enforced quarantines also lead to massive growth in the already expanding gaming industry. Deloitte estimates that according to the…

It becomes increasingly clear even for non-crypto enthusiasts that cryptocurrencies they heard of, such as bitcoin, might not be as anonymous as they thought they were. It’s great that awareness surrounding crypto is spreading and with it the question of how to handle privacy when transacting on-chain.

While some traders want complete anonymity, others prefer to have a choice. Similarly, businesses such as banks might be able to verify certain transactions publicly, while they’d have to keep other transactions and sensitive information private.

Horizen offers a blockchain ecosystem that enables businesses and individuals to do exactly that: chose the level…

- how it enables more crypto holders to benefit from DeFi

As Bitcoin once again is outperforming some major altcoins yet again, Bitcoin holders are arguably not convinced to sell their Bitcoin to benefit from DeFi products that enable users to earn passive income on their portfolio. Similarly, traders holding Monero or Litecoin out of conviction might find Compound an interesting proposition but can’t access it without owning ERC-20 assets.

And while Bitcoin DeFi (yes, it’s a thing now)is slowly picking up, it is still far from offering the variety of services and platforms that have grown on Ethereum. As a result, the only way for holders of non-ERC 20 assets…

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Marketing Manager at the Bitcoin.com Exchange — passionate about financial education, blockchain and food

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